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As Brisbane’s best tennis court builder, Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co not only offer premier quality workmanship but we also offer the best prices for any of their services. For many years, Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co has been working in partnership with individuals and organisations just like you to bring into reality the vision of what your outdoor area could become.

The team at Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co are experts when it comes to designing, building and resurfacing tennis courts, synthetic turf surfaces and multi-sport surfacing. We can even restore old courts so that they look as good as new again!

If you would like Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co to provide you with a quote for a brand new tennis court or playing surface, or help restore your sub-standard tennis court or synthetic turf and give it the makeover it needs, simply give us a call today!

Once we have visited your site and completed a free assessment of the current condition of your tennis court or synthetic turf, we can happily provide you with a detailed list of all work that is required to get your area looking great again.

We take pride in our work. We will always ensure that we comply with the local government guidelines before doing our work. We are also guided by local industry standards to ensure we stay up to date on any industry changes or updates. Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co assures you get the best service every time.

We can build or resurface a range of different court surface styles such as hard court, artificial grass, clay or grass, and also provide some suggestions and education on the difference surface styles so you can choose the right one for you. A brand new tennis court can add huge value to the price of your home, of if you’re a private tennis club, can provide a superior playing surface for your members (allowing you to raise your rates if you choose to do so). So if you’re in need of a free quote for a new tennis court of resurfacing of a current one, give us a call today!

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Our Tennis Court Installation Services

We’re more than happy and qualified to provide you a range of different services including tennis court construction and tennis court design, tennis court resurfacing, installation of lighting and fencing, as well as landscaping of nearby areas, so that your new court will be 100% ready to go once we’re finished working on it.


We can build a variety of court surfaces based on your property and personal needs, and this includes line marking and nets as well as education on how to look after your court.



If you currently have a tennis court that is looking a bit old and run down, has drainage issues, or worn out surface, we can help transform this into a shiny, brand new court.

Lighting & Fencing

Whether you have current lighting or fencing that need replacing, or you need a brand new setup, we can do both of these services for any sized tennis court, to your specifications and requirements. You’ll be ready to play in no time.


Whilst we’re not a landscaping company, we can ensure that the areas surrounding any new courts will blend in and look fantastic! Whether this requires retaining walls, plants, trees, or anything else, we’ll handle it for you.                                          

We build tennis courts that are high-quality   look great are enjoyable to use

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Tennis Court Builder Brisbane QLD


What Our Clients Say

Tennis Court Builders Brisbane did a fantastic job on our new court, we went with the artificial grass as well as lighting and fencing and it all came together really well, great service and definitely recommend them!
Robert G.

Tennis Court Builders Brisbane

When people think of a tennis court, everyone has a different vision of what their ideal court looks like – some people love an artificial grass court, others prefer a classic red clay court, and some just want a simple concrete court, there honestly is no right or wrong answer. It’s just like choosing a tennis racquet or brand of tennis ball. They all do the job but have some small differences. Some surfaces are more high maintenance than others, some courts will require upkeep, some may have more bounce, and some will have a longer life than others. What you choose depends on your budget and your personal preference. Here are some basic details about the difference types of tennis courts you can get installed or replace your current one with.

Whatever court style you choose, you can be sure we’ll build it to the highest standard, using the best quality materials, concrete, nets, fencing, lighting, and surface material.

Artificial Grass Courts

Artificial courts are a great option for many people, as they’re quite low maintenance, offer good traction and can be played on in all weather conditions. They’re quite durable and will perform to a very high standard for many years of use. You can also choose a few different colours for the playing surface, however most customers choose a classic green with white line markings.

Clay Courts

The traditional red and grey clay tennis courts are made from natural stone that has been crushed to sizes. They generally have a slow surface and since they have a powder surface, allow players to slide whilst playing. A disadvantage of clay courts is that they require a lot more maintenance than other court style, including daily upkeep to ensure the court Is kept in top order, this can include regular watering, sweeping and leveling. They’re mainly meant to be used in dry warmer weather, and cannot be used in wet weather (furthermore they are quite slow to dry, so you’ll need to be patient).

Hard Surface Court

A hard surface court is generally an asphalt or concrete surface that is painted with acrylic paint. They come in many different colours and a cushion layer of rubberised material can be added as well. Generally the performance will depend on the quality and consistency of the build, ball bounce should be consistent however. The good news is that they can be used year round and wet weather doesn’t cause too many issues. They are also low maintenance and may just require touch ups here and there to ensure you get a long life out of them.

Grass Courts

Grass tennis courts, if grown and constructed correctly, can provide a fast and non-reflective, comfortable playing surface. When well maintained, a grass court can look fantastic and be a pleasure to play tennis on. They do however require a high degree of maintenance to keep them in top shape, including regular watering, weeding, mowing, and rolling. The surface is also worn down much faster than other styles, and it cannot be used when wet either.


Brisbane Tennis Court Construction

Building a new tennis court can be a big decision for any home owner and also a big investment for a private business or sports club, so you want to make sure you get it done right the first time. Tennis courts can be build in a wide range of different styles, such as artificial surface, clay, hard court or grass, with a host of different options and variables involved in each of these.

What you decide to choose will depend on your budget, how much maintenance you’re prepared to do, what you intent to use the court for (if not tennis) and also your personal preferences in looks, play and the feel of it. Court materials are also graded from slow to medium to fast, depending on the surface bounce and this of course depends on what the surface is made of. So there is no right or wrong choice and a lot of it will depend on your personal circumstances, budget and requirements.

So if you’re in Brisbane and need a new tennis court built at your house, business or sports club, give us a call today for a free quote.


Tennis Court Resurfacing

Perhaps your current tennis court is starting to show its age a bit? There might be some surface areas that are worn out due to play, rain or sun damage that have taken their toll over the years. Perhaps the court surface is uneven in places and is affecting your games, or there might be areas that are now becoming a tripping hazard. For any of these issues and more, a tennis court resurfacing or restoration will let you transform your current court and have it looking brand new in no time.

When a tennis court is resurfaced, the process usually varies depending on the surface, but on a whole we’ll generally start by removing the existing surface, we’ll then prepare the base and make any repairs needed here and then we’ll install the new surface along with the court lines. Most customers will also get a new net and many also opt for new fencing and lighting as they are usually as old as the court is.

Resurfacing a tennis court not only looks great and makes it more pleasant to play on, but will also increase your properties value substantially, so if you’re ready to have a chat, give us a call today for a free quote in and around Brisbane.


Tennis Court Lighting & Fencing

Let’s face it, no one likes to play tennis in the dark, yet those warm summer nights are so perfect for having a hit with friends of family. Tennis court lighting can give you hours more playing time everyday, which gives you the flexibility to have a hit after work, or at a time that suites you that may not be during daylight hours. Tennis Court Builders Brisbane can not only help build your new court but we can setup your new lighting as well (or setup lighting for your current court as well).

Along with lighting you may also be interested in some fencing. No one likes losing tennis balls over the back fence or getting them lost in the garden, so this is where tennis court fencing can really help out. It also greatly increases the chances of hitting someone off court with a tennis ball or smashing a window. Getting basic cyclone fencing installed a round a court is quite standard and gives owners the peace of mind that they can play as aggressively as they like and not have to worry about stray tennis balls damaging their own, or a neighbours property. They can also keep unwelcome strangers out of your court.


Tennis Court Landscaping

So you may have a new court installed, fencing and lighting all finished, but your garden still looks incomplete and out of place with a tennis court plonked in the middle of it. Fear not as we can assist with some basic landscaping so that your new tennis court will blend in with the existing garden and you’ll have a tennis court that looks like its meant to be there. We provide basic retaining walls, plants, trees or other features based on your situation that will put the finishing touch on your recently constructed tennis court, you’ll be the envy of half of Brisbane!

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of tennis court surface that you choose will vary person to person. It will really depend on your budget, how much maintenance you’re prepared to do, and which style you believe suits your yard and also preferred playing style best.

The price range can vary considerably depending on the location and ease of access, type of surface, how much preparation work is required and also the type of surface required, and if you choose to have the added extras, such as fencing and lighting. On average you’d be looking at roughly $60,000, with a range of about $35,000 to $125,000.

Once again it can vary depending on location and ease of access, time of year (weather restrictions), and also how much groundwork and preparation is required. The surface type can also play a big part here, so you could be looking anywhere from a few weeks up to 2 months potentially.

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