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Tennis court repairs Brisbane

About Us

Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co can provide qualified and experienced tennis court construction and resurfacing services. We take pride in our work and always aim to go above and beyond, ensuring that our courts are finished on time, on budget, and to the sort of quality and standard you’d expect.

Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD

Guarantee of quality. We always use the best quality materials and the bests industry practices to ensure that your court is built to the best standard possible. Building tennis courts is what we do and we take pride in creating a great end result that will be enjoyed for decades to come. We do we everything we can to ensure that we’re not overbooked or rushed, meaning that we don’t cut corners to get jobs finished, as this typically results in an inferior finish and unhappy customers, and we take customer satisfaction seriously!

Customer Service. We also take customer service very seriously. Just the little things like aiming to always answer phone calls, being polite and patient, bringing a friendly and positive attitude to every customer interaction, doing our best to keep noise down when we’re working, and ensuring that our customers are respected and treated well. We believe this results in a better experience for everyone and turns one-off customers in lifelong customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of tennis court surface that you choose will vary person to person. It will really depend on your budget, how much maintenance you’re prepared to do, and which style you believe suits your yard and also preferred playing style best.

The price range can vary considerably depending on the location and ease of access, type of surface, how much preparation work is required and also the type of surface required, and if you choose to have the added extras, such as fencing and lighting. On average you’d be looking at roughly $60,000, with a range of about $35,000 to $125,000.

Once again it can vary depending on location and ease of access, time of year (weather restrictions), and also how much groundwork and preparation is required. The surface type can also play a big part here, so you could be looking anywhere from a few weeks up to 2 months potentially.

Do you need a tennis court installed resurfaced replaced ?