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Tennis court repairs Brisbane


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Brisbane Tennis Court Builders

Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co offers competitive pricing for any of our services and are committed to delivering top quality work. With years worth experience in partnership with individuals like you, we are able provide an outdoor space that surpasses all expectations. 

Whether you need a hard court, clay court, artificial grass court or a natural grass court, we can help you build one from scratch including clearing the site, levelling and preparing the surface, preparing the base, then the surface, the net and finally the fencing and lighting. We also offer tennis court resurfacing and restoring services.

Getting a new Tennis court installed can add a lot to the value of your house, seeing your property go well above the Brisbane average. So if you’re ready to enjoy your summer evenings entertaining friends, or working on your backhand in the comfort of your own tennis court, contact us now for a free tennis court construction quote.

Tennis Court Construction Brisbane

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Benefits Of A Home Tennis Court

Getting a tennis court installed in your backyard can be a big job, we wont lie, but there can be many benefits to this and your investment can be enjoyed for many years and decades to come.

Having your own tennis court means there’s no excuses anymore not to go outside and have a hit every day. Tennis is a fantastic form of exercise that will no doubt keep you and your family in tip top shape – and living in Brisbane, you’ll have warm weather most of the year to take full advantage of it.

What better way to enjoy your new court than having some friends over for a hit. You’ll be the most popular person in the neighbourhood with your new court, it’s a great way to socialise and give you the freedom and privacy to play anytime of day that you and your friends wish to.

Property Value
Having a brand new tennis court can add immense value to your house and counteract the cost of having it installed. There’s a certain prestige that comes with having your own court and people are prepared to pay for it.

Choose Tennis Court Builders Brisbane QLD Co

So what are you waiting for, reach out to us now for a no obligation FREE tennis court quote – we can visit your property and give you all your options and provide a quote as well, so you’ll have everything you need and be ready to pull the trigger and get started on your brand new court. Give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of tennis court surface that you choose will vary person to person. It will really depend on your budget, how much maintenance you’re prepared to do, and which style you believe suits your yard and also preferred playing style best.

The price range can vary considerably depending on the location and ease of access, type of surface, how much preparation work is required and also the type of surface required, and if you choose to have the added extras, such as fencing and lighting. On average you’d be looking at roughly $60,000, with a range of about $35,000 to $125,000.

Once again it can vary depending on location and ease of access, time of year (weather restrictions), and also how much groundwork and preparation is required. The surface type can also play a big part here, so you could be looking anywhere from a few weeks up to 2 months potentially.

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